About Us

¡We are a team of Counselors and tutors from the best universities in the world!
We have made our DREAMs come true.

¡Allow us to guide you to the university of your DREAMs!

Our mission

Through services, technology and innovation, we aspire to guide and prepare our students in their process towards the best universities in the world, providing an ecosystem of personal transformation and growth.

Our vision

Become the leading brand for University and College Access Worldwide, actively democratizing opportunities to the best education the world can offer.

Our leadership

Santiago Bustamante - Fondo GSB Stanford
Santiago Bustamante
Founder & CEO
Stanford University
David Ponce
David Ponce
New York University & Imperial College London
Natalia Ruiz
Natalia Ruiz
Georgetown University
Aldo Botteri
Aldo Botteri
20 años en EdTech

Our Dream Team

Maria José Llerena
Maria Jose Llerena
Operations Director
Andrea Becerra
Andrea Becerra
Partnerships Director
Bartolome Bulos
Bartolomé Bulo
Resources Director
Luca Castro
Luca Castro
CLOUD Director

Our tutors

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Dream Team Statistics

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have led initiatives in their communities
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are innovators and learn by building
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have had a positive impact on the environment
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are competitive athletes
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are extremely passionate about teaching different languages
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are leading breakthrough technology initiatives

“Throughout my life, I have had different moments and experiences that have produced a strong change in me. However, I would say that the biggest of all was on a 27th of March a couple of years ago when I received acceptance letters from Stanford, Princeton, Yale, UPenn, Purdue, Emory, George Washington, U of Toronto, UBC, McGill, UC of London, U of Edinburgh, Warwick, and U of Manchester. That moment completely fractured my history, it opened the doors to the world. and it showed me that hard work is the best method to achieve your goals. That is why in that moment of happiness DREAM is born, an initiative with the responsibility of giving all students the same opportunities of access to the best universities in the world. of the planet.”

– Founder: Santiago Bustamante Villa

What our students think about our work

For me, Dream is a super good study medium for the SAT. The teachers are the best, they help you understand all the topics that come in the exam!

Luisa Mariana

Florida Virtual School, EEUU

The Dream teachers helped me identify my strengths and points for improvement in my exams, since the first day of class. They were so dynamic that I understood every exercise and strategy. Each class was a new challenge together.

Isabela Sánchez

Innova Schools, Lima, Perú

Dream teachers support you in the areas where you need to practice and try to bring out the best in you. I would definitely recommend Dream for any academic support someone needs.

Ian Yi

Newton College, Lima, Perú