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The Counseling program offered by DREAM has helped me to organize my ideas, set myself goals and envision my future. If given the choice, I would definitely choose Dream again. It is and has been fundamental in this process of seeking my dreams.

I have worked with the Dream counselors and I am very happy because they help me in absolutely everything and make the process much easier.

Rafaella Chuman

Newton College, Lima, Perú

Applying for universities abroad can be overwhelming. However, Dream explains to you in a comprehensive and friendly way the steps you must follow to enter the best universities as I did.

William Lock

Hiram Bingham College, Lima, Perú

Dream was the best advice I could ask for in order to correct my Personal Statement. The way that advisors connect with you and help you dispel what you want to convey is simply masterful.

Gian Pasapera

San Agustin College, Lima, Perú

I want to thank the teachers at Dream. We attest that the support for Fernanda has been very satisfactory.

Gonzalo Arana

Papá de Fernanda, Lima, Perú

Dream is a company that helped me improve and understand courses where I struggle, suc as economics and Spanish. I recommend Dream to everyone who wants and needs guidance to improve their level of learning.

Lorenzo Figari

Newton College, Lima Perú

Dream has helped me expand my knowledge and develop skills that are key to being successful in the IB. Dream gives me a lot of confidence since I have the support of people who went through the same process as me.

Maria Jose Gordillo

Altair College, Lima, Perú

Dream teachers have been a great help to maintain the level that my school demands of me. Your support has been an asset that benefits me in many ways, and your dedication to making my classes as effective as possible is remarkable.

Matias Escobar

Newton College, Lima, Perú

In Dream I found a super dynamic program to improve my level of English that will help me achieve all my educational goals. The teachers are very committed and I feel that every day I improve more.

Zoe Pinillos

Montessore, Trujillo, Perú

Dream teachers are very nice. I find that they do a super good and interesting job. You can see that they are making an effort to work as best as possible with each student.

Tomas Bórquez

Colegio San José, Santiago, Chile

Dream’s TOEFL classes have helped me learn new strategies to face the test. The program was very personalized and I really liked it.

Gustavo Peña

Universidad del Pacífico

I was surprised with the level of the teachers and the commitment to the students. They taught me all the necessary techniques to carry out the exam in the best way.

Martín León

Lycée Antoine de Saint Exupéry, Santiago, Chile

In these last 3 months, Dream has helped me to improve, almost 200 points in my score on the SAT, thanks to its private classes. I am very happy with the results.

Fabian Adachi

Newton College, Lima, Perú

The constant and ideal accompaniment to achieve my goals of studying abroad. There is a very strong commitment on their part, and it is what I value the most about Dream.

Cayetana Rodríguez

Villa Caritas School, Lima, Perú

Dream’s counseling program has allowed me to follow the application process in the best possible way. It is important to put each piece in its place, and Dream’s advice understands this concept perfectly, helping me in each session and giving me tips to get the best out of me.

Mauricio Reyes

Newton College, Lima, Perú

What I like most about the Dream Counseling program is that the work that takes place is completely personalized. In the sessions with my counselor we look for all the options that best suit my student profile and my financial possibilities. Additionally, we work to present a complete profile to the best universities in the world.

Freddy Herrera

Trilce Schools, Lima, Perú

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